Thursday, September 8, 2011

August Favorites

I LOVE the summer, and wish it would never end. But right now it's at that weird period between summer and fall here in the North East. One day it's hot and humid and the next day you're wearing a sweatshirt. As much as I love Summer, I just wish it would leave and it were Fall already. I'm not looking forward to cold weather but I do enjoy Fall things like apple picking, football, & of course Halloween! 

Well, here are my makeup/beauty favorites for the month of August.

Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream

I picked up a Benefit skincare mini kit (it contains refined finish facial polish, total moisture facial cream, and facial emulsion) from Ulta for $12 to try out a few of their products. 

The facial cream is really moisturizing and not greasy. I was reading reviews and some say they use this as a night cream as it is a thick, rich cream. However, with my dry skin it works for me if I need to use this during the day (thinking this cream will be great for winter). The other mini in the kit, the refined facial emulsion, is a lighter, oil-free moisturizer and has an SPF 15. This is a moisturizer that Benefit recommends to apply in  the morning, so if the facial cream is too heavy for you during the day, this might be what you're looking for.

The packaging is so pretty, something I'd want to leave out on the bathroom counter. The three I've sampled from the line smell really fresh. The line is on the expensive side (full-sized facial cream is $38) but I'm thinking about purchasing the cream in the full size once Ulta sends out their 20% off coupon.

Where to Buy: Ulta, Sephora,
Cost: $38 for 48.2g Net Wt. 1.7 oz

Benefit Sugarbomb

I love this peachy-pink blush for a soft, natural flush of color. It's a great everyday blush that I found myself reaching for a lot during the month. This blush is light which works with my light skintone and is perfect if I want my makeup to appear a little more "natural." Full review here.

Where to Buy: Ulta, Sephora,
Cost: $28 for .42 oz

Urban Decay Primer Potion Professional Size

I picked up this primer potion during their Friends & Family sale back in June or July. This is probably my most re-purchased makeup product. Although I've been through a bunch of these tubes and have been a loyal fan of UDPP for quite some time, I'm adding this to my monthly favorites because I am so happy UD finally listened to their fans and put their primer potion in a squeeze tube. No more wasted primer potion at the bottom or sides of tube because the doe- footed wand couldn't reach it. I also love the value you are getting with the Professional size. The professional size is $1.16/mL ($29 for 25mL) vs. $1.73/mL ($19 for 11mL) of their regular-sized squeeze tube, a savings over $0.50 per mL. The only downside is the professional size only comes in the original (sheer nude) shade. 

Oh, and if you don't mind the original genie-style tubes and want to save some money, Urban Decay's website has 2 tubes of UDPP for $19 ($0.95/mL)! Click here.

Where to Buy: and Sephora
Cost: UrbanDecay, $29 and Sephora, $30

Butter London & Zoya Nail Polish

If you're a follower of my blog you may have noticed I've recently become a fan of "3-free" nail polishes. Butter London is free from harmful ingredients like Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP or Parabens. Butter London nail polishes have so many beautiful colors in their permanent range. I find myself staring at them for quite awhile trying to pick one color over another in Ulta. HRH is such a pretty purple that I think can easily transition from Summer to Fall. Definitely going to pick up more during Ulta's buy one, get one free sale (read about it in this post), especially because they are on the pricier side at $14/polish.

Zoya is also a 3-free brand.  The one thing I really love is how fast-drying their formula is (I hate waiting for my nails to dry!). This color is Jana and is part of their Smoke & Mirrors Collection. The perfect muddy purple-gray for Fall.

Where to Buy: Ulta.
Cost: Butter London, $14 each. Zoya, $8 each.

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette

This palette has it all- neutrals, brights, darker hues for smokey eyes. What is really amazing about this palette is all 15 shades are brand new shades from Urban Decay. Click here to see my full review and swatches.

Where to Buy: Ulta, Sephora,
Cost: $55

What are your favorites for the month of August?
Oh, and I'm working on a "What's in My Bag" for my next post 


  1. Ulta is having a sale on the 20th of this month I believe for buy one get one free for butter london nail polishes (: - the UD palette looks so elegant.

  2. @Erin- Yep, I can't wait! That's actually what I wrote my last post about- Ulta has some great deals this month! :)

  3. !!!!
    you got the urban decay palette! i've been lusting over that for a while >_< the colors are so pretty!

    also, i really want to try the butter nail polishes! they have gorgeous shades, but i'm trying to justify the $14/a bottle. eep! i'll give in soon though. :P


  4. @Erica Leigh- I love this UD palette! Good mix of colors. On 9/20, Ulta is having buy one, get one free on Butter nail polishes!


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