Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Handmade Love Vol. II

I got many positive comments on my first Handmade Love post, so I've decided to make it a regular feature. I'm glad so many love handmade as much as I do! 

So here are some beautiful, handmade items from Etsy I'm currently lusting over:

Modrn allows you to choose three of eight necklaces that you mix and match to create a fun layering effect. I love jewelry that mix different metal tones and I'm especially in love with gold/copper circular beads on the red gold tone chain (Mykonos layering necklace V). I keep picturing these with different fall outfits...

I'm not going into my love for the iPhone, but I want it to be protected in case of any accidents (eek!). These cases (for the 3g or 4) are so chic. You can choose the color combinations and personalize it with your name or initials. The cases come in prints like chevron, stripes, and trellis. Thinking of choosing the pink chevron and a navy blue combination soon.

I've been waiting for my boyfriend to paint an antique vanity I have for awhile now (although, it would help if I would settle on a paint color). Anyway, as soon as I get my new makeup area set up, I'm going to be ordering some of these prints from EmmaKisstina to hang above my vanity. She has fabulous makeup & beauty prints like her 30 Lipsticks, 7 Red Nailpolishes, and even has Chanel perfume prints. 

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  1. Love the illustrations!

  2. Interesting ideas for fashion. Come to check out mine.

  3. The iphone case is so cool! Come and visit my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I'll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  4. Those illustrations really are gorgeous!



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