Thursday, November 24, 2011

Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream

I'm a pretty packaging product junkie. Try saying that 10 times fast!

When Soap & Glory was in sold in Target stores I would always marvel at their retro packaging and fun product names. Although I love pretty packaging, I must admit, I never tried any of Soap & Glory products. Then their products disappeared from Target's shelves and the United States (they were still sold overseas). I told myself I would finally try a product if they ever returned. Well, Sephora picked up the line and I'm glad they did.

I chose to try their Hand Food Hand Cream first.

I decided to pick up the smaller size (1.7oz) to test out the product as I ordered it online. I am extremely weary when a product claims to be non-greasy because more often than not the product ends up being greasy.

I am thoroughly impressed with this product. Not only is the product not greasy/slimy but the product absorbs really fast leaving your hands soft and smooth. Actually, I was so impressed I decided to pick up the larger size to keep on my dresser for the morning/nighttime. The smaller size I carry around in my purse.

The only downside to this product is the scent, which may or not be a problem depending on your personal preference. The scent is very perfume-y and I usually prefer light scents. I think I might smell a hint of roses? However, it works so well in my opinion, I'm willing to let the strong scent thing go.

Cost: 1.7 oz for $5 or 4.2 oz for $10
Where to Buy: Sephora

Do you have any Soap & Glory recommendations? I really want to try more from their line!

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  1. Ooooo love that it is called hand food! I bet my hands would eat it right up :P


  2. I love great packaging....its one of the main reasons that I try a new product. :)


  3. Omg you're making me want to try that Hand Food!! Such cute packaging!


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