Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Favorite Products of 2011/Beauty Resolutions

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a fabulous NYE weekend. I forgot to take a picture of my eye makeup, however, I used UD's gunmetal (charcoal gray) with MAC's Idol Eyes (silver frost) over the top then added MAC's Pink Freeze (medium pink frost) in the crease. I ended up loving the look and I'm sure I'll recreate it at some point and post a picture.

2011 Beauty Favorites

❤ Urban Decay 15 Anniversary Palette
I was hesitant to add this to my favorites as I know many cannot find this palette any longer. However, it is a favorite so I figured it deserves a spot on the list. I wish Urban Decay would make more palettes like this. This palette has something for everyone as it has a great mix of brights, nudes and 'smokey-eye' shades all of which are new. Only downside to this palette is the packaging. The palette is not very travel-friendly as it's lid lifts off and doesn't have a locking mechanism. If I decide to bring this palette somewhere, I will likely be rubber band-ing this palette shut. Full review/swatches here.

❤ MUFE HD foundation
I haven't written up a full review of this foundation but here's a short overview. I was previously using MAC satin finish foundation in what I now believe was the wrong shade for my skintone. However, that wasn't the only problem with my MAC foundation. Yes, it had decent coverage, however, that came with a price. This foundation feels so incredibly heavy and thick on your face. I finally decided to replace my foundation when I got 20% off during Sephora's F&F sale. This HD foundation is so light in comparison and honestly I think I'm in love with it just for that reason. I apply it with the beauty blender for a flawless look. 

❤ Anastasia Beverly Hills Express Brow kit
Before this kit, I'm ashamed to admit that as a makeup addict, I barely paid attention to my brows. Now I can't go a makeup day without reaching for this brow kit. I love how everything you need is in one little kit: a brow wax, two brow powders, brow stencils and a brush (also includes a highlighter which honestly I've never used). I wish I discovered this kit sooner, because I now realize how groomed brows can really help define the face. Full review/swatches here.

❤ Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes
highly recommend these blushes. I have never tried a blush that is so easily blendable and they are amazingly pigmented. I convinced my friend to purchase one of these blushes (she picked up Dollface) and I'm really excited to hear her thoughts on it. Full review/swatches here.

❤ Jack Black Lip Balm
I've been a loyal fan of Burt's Bees chapstick. I can't tell you how many of their chapsticks that I went through (either actually finishing a tube or losing then re-finding) over the years. However, after hearing a few beauty bloggers rave about Jack Black lip balms, I felt the need to try them. All I can say is: move over Burt's Bees! These lipbalms are very moisturizing which I desperately need during the cold, dry winter months and they even contain SPF 25! I have the lavender & vanilla scent and the blackberry & black tea scent. I prefer the fruity scent of the blackberry balm over the lavender scent which overpowers the vanilla.

❤  Benefit They're Real mascara
I usually stick to drugstore mascaras but after all the hype about this mascara, I decided I really wanted needed to try it. It is one of the best mascaras I've tried for length and makes my lashes appear that I'm wearing natural-looking false lashes. Even though I love the results of this mascara, the price ($24) is likely going to stop me from repurchasing once it's dried up. My beloved Loreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes mascara has similar results (but requires two steps: primer/mascara) for less than half the price. Full review here.

Favorite Lipsticks

Left to Right:
MAC Creme Cup
MAC Angel
MAC Creme d'Nude
MUFE Moulin Rouge
Urban Decay Crush 
Sorry about my messy/previously melted Creme d'nude. 

Favorite Nail Polishes

Top Row (Left to Right)
OPI Got a Date to Knight
China Glaze For Audrey
OPI Mad as a Hatter
Zoya in Cynthia
Bottom Row (Left to Right)
OPI Shorts Story
Butter London in HRH
Essie in Sand Tropez

2012 Beauty Resolutions
1. drink more water
2. nail polish spending limit

The first resolution is pretty self-explanatory but I'll explain number two a bit more. My nail polish collection is getting quite large. I hate to confess this but I'm almost at 70 polishes (which is small compared to some collections I've seen here on blogs and youtube). I do paint my nails up to twice a week, however, I realize I can't possibly use up every polish before they eventually become unusable. That is why I've decided to put myself on a nail polish buying limit for 2012. I think I've decided that two polishes is my limit per month. This will hopefully control my impulse nail polish buying habit as I'll have to think about whether I really love that polish enough to use up my monthly polish limit.

What are some of your beauty favorites or resolutions?


  1. great choices! I love the tarte blushes. They are amazing!

  2. omg. i want all your nail polish. totally envy of your collection. thanks for sharing, love. if you get a sec, i'd love to hear what you think of my latest. xo


  3. Haha, it seems like we all did this post. Love reading everyone's favourites. <3 I really need to try the Amazonian Clay blushes, I've seen your swatches and they all seem amazing! :)

  4. @Summer- Yep, I've read a lot of these types of posts and have really been enjoying them! If you can, definetly check out the Tarte blushes!

  5. I've heard so many good things about the Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes -- it's on my wishlist right now.

  6. @Kelsey- Which shade is on your wishlist?

  7. i love mac lipsticks. definitely working on my skin care routine this year.



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