Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Butter London: Dressing Table Worthy

I'm in love with Butter London polishes. Besides the fact that they apply so well, they are so darn pretty displayed on a side table or dresser. Which is the idea behind this holiday set.

I'm such a sucker for cute packaging and this is no exception. Look at the adorable little cardboard vanity the two colors are displayed on!

My boyfriend surprised me with the Fairy Lights & Tart with a Heart set. The other set includes Black Knight (black/pink/blue/silver in black base) in place of Fairy Lights.

Tart with a Heart is a glitter polish; pale pink with a hint of grey added. The glitter is small and iridescent (green, blue, purple & orange).

♥ Fairy Lights is described as a "liquid metal" rose pink.

Left to Right:
Fairy Lights with Tart with a Heart
Fairy Lights (two coats)
Tart with a Heart (two coats)

Most nail polish companies put out dark greens, glittery reds & golds for the holidays. Not that I don't love those colors, but it's nice to see a unique holiday collection from Butter London. 

Where to Buy: Ulta
Cost: $25 (normally $14 each) for 11 mL/.4 fl. oz

What nail polishes are you loving right now? 


  1. isn't it crazy how great packaging can instantly give you a good vibe. it's so important. total sucker for it. adore this post. thanks for sharing. I've got a new post all about pushing your style to the edge of fashion. Love to hear what you think. Thanks, love. xo


  2. Completely agree with you, the Butter London bottles are so chic -- great to dress up a makeup table with.


  3. Butter London has great colors! Love your nail polishes. And they have the best Top Coat, too!


    welcome to my jungle

  4. Love this adorable packaging and those colors are so pretty. Sounds like you have a great bf. Mine wouldn't know the first thing about buying me beauty products.

  5. pretty shades and adorable packaging!

  6. @welcome- I love their top coat! Adds shine & it's dries so quickly!

    @signature- I think so :) I'm constantly talking about makeup/nail polish so I guess he was listening. LOL.

    @Natalie- Isn't it pretty? I haven't seen a metallic pink like this before.

  7. i like your ideas and the style of this blog.

    Check out mine and let me know what do you think about?


  8. great colors!


  9. Those are so pretty. I love a sparkly blush polish!


  10. The polishes themselves are pretty, but wow, that packaging is awesome! How adorable that they have their own little vanity. Love it!

  11. Great nail polish! Love the color.


  12. ahh!!! i'm dying of cuteness.
    i'm a sucker for packaging too
    (uhh i'll admit. sometimes i save
    the boxes if they're reeeeally cute).

    so jealous! these butter shades are pretty.

    i just got a few blue shades from pop beauty! i can't wait to try them out. kinda wish i had gotten a green one though.


  13. I am seriously dying to try my first Butter London nail polish! :o So far I've only stuck with Essie, which is alright but it is quite thin so I always need to apply more then one coat to get the full look. But Butter London has the most gorgeous colors, and I'm hoping I can get Yummy Mummy or Diamond Geezer for Christmas! :)

    Absolutely adore the colors you got, your boyfriend is so sweet! =) <3
    Seriously need to fix my craving for Butter London.. hehe! You've got such a fab blog, followed you! :) Hope to see more of your posts!


  14. I love Essie nail polish! That glitter one you have is fantastic!

  15. @Erica- I've always wanted to try pop beauty nail polishes. I always see them on your blog and they look like they have some nice glitters! Where do you get them? I see some on Ulta's website but my Ulta doesn't seem to carry them in store.

    @runawayinia- Thanks for the follow! I have found that some Essie polishes work better than others. I love BL colors but they are kinda on the pricey side. I usually wait for a coupon/promotion or in this case a gift. Hope Santa brings you a Butter polish :) Yummy Mummy is gorgeous!

    @Anastasia- Do you have a favorite Essie polish? I love Sand Tropez which is a nude color.

  16. Love these nail colors!


  17. Polish looks amazing.
    I really love Essie polishes-- currently wearing Sole Mate.

  18. oak wardrobe

    i just got a few pink colors from pop beauty! i can't delay to try them out. kind of wish i had gotten a natural one though.


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